if i don’t listen to this everyday i get reaolly lost

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I just spilt a whole thing of mango chia seed pudding all over my shirt


this vine has haunted me for a full year i think

I think of this wheneve r I hear a talking bird

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the pig and the farmer regarded each other

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i did tarot and it said my future will hold a strange relationship, someone is going to try and take something from me?? and my ultimate ideal is love

my friends sister says i have a karmic debt number and in this lifetime i will pay for my previous life of overindulgence and i’m meant to practice modesty

good things to think about - i am very very close to the beach, i am reunited with my little dogs, my friends want to speak to me again, my parents make amazing food, i am relatively young, i can meet someone who likes to lick pussy, i can look after myself

i do this too

i do this too

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i love him put him back

i love him put him back

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